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Cover Album Simeon Lenoir - De la Noche

De La Noche

Cover Album Simeon Lenoir - De la Noche
Photo: Simeon Lenoir Selfie. Artwork: Simeon Lenoir. Shooting: Altea Spain

Simeon Lenoir

De La Noche

Simeon Lenoir : Vocal Guitar, Songwriting
Fran Heredia : Guitar, Instrumental
Emilio Mora Martin : Cajon, Instrumental

“De La Noche” was recorded in Altea in the province of Valencia Spain. Simeon's songs, vocals, and guitar are accompanied by the young master Fran Heredia--a new prodigy of Flamenco guitar--as well as the legendary Spanish percussionist, Emilio Mora Martin, on cajón. The compositions evoke the mysterious wonder, mysteries, and enchantments of the nights in Spain and also pay homage to one of Lenoir's daughters as well as his mother: "Lucia, The Musica of the Luz / the Luz of the Musica" & "Mi Madre Eterna" (two different versions)
Do Cobalt music
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Spanish album by Simeon Lenoir

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