Simeon Lenoir

Exceptionnellement & Exceptionnellement encore.
Those two albums show Simeon Lenoir's world, his songwriter manners, talking about life events, often with a light approach and mostly deep on a second level.

Exceptionnellement is dived in a Pop Rock environment when Exceptionnellement encore is more open to a larger fan of musical influences.

Exceptionnellement - https://simeonlenoir.com/product/exceptionnellement-full-album-copy/

Exceptionnellement encore - https://simeonlenoir.com/product/exceptionnellement-full-album-duplicate-1/

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Exceptionnellement & Exceptionnellement encore

18 songs were written in French; and recorded in Paris Fresnes at Studio Live.

Simeon Lenoir – Vocal, guitar, keys, and additionals.

Featuring Pierre Mezari on bass, Samuel Koné and Jean Misaï on drums, Antoine Lahaye on guitar, and Diabolo on harmonica.

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