Le centre du mOnde

Simeon Lenoir

Le center du mOnde is the 8th album written and composed by the artist. The number of infinity. A journey to the center of existence. A reference to Salvador Dali and his Perpignan station.

Simeon Lenoir vocal, guitar, piano, programming
Vincent Lahaye, Roger Banga (the little girl), Yannick Hardouin (1000 things to do) Bass
Marcus Camus (Person) Drums
René Beauban & Bouba Percussions
Stéphanie Boucher, Maude Revel, Antinéa Leclerc Choirs
Antoine Lahaye Lead guitar
Ronan Bizouarn Bombarde (The Rich)
Sylvain Tressard Biniou (The Rich)
Zeff recording. Mixing Zeff and Pierre Mezari

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