Terre Mer

Simeon Lenoir

This long-awaited record appears in spring when nature and the elements begin a new cycle of life.
Recorded at the Hôtel de l’Univers in Saint-Malo with
Dominique Brunier on cello and Simeon Lenoir on piano forte,
listen, discover “The salt meadows”, “The cove”,
“Friends of the sea” or even “The aquatic merry-go-round”. Let yourself be transported along the coasts, lulled by a breeze that disappears, we don't know where...
Two exceptionally talented musicians, immensely creative, unique, independent and in perfect harmony, have this strange ability to intoxicate us with aromas of herbs and bushes, of dry algae and wet sand, of water holes in the rock, mossy foam, so identifiable to everyone who likes to walk along the coast.
An ode to marine nature and its lovers.
This disc pays tribute to the memory of Jean-Yves Delaune, founder and president of the association “Entre Terre et Mer”.

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