TERRE MER – Full Album



TERRE MERE an instrumental duet album.

Dominique Brunier – cello

Simeon Lenoir-  piano forte

This long-overdue record appears for spring as nature and the elements begin a new cycle of life. Checked in at the Hotel de l’Univers in Saint-Malo with Dominique Brunier on cello and Simeon Lenoir on pianoforte, listen, discover « les prés salés », « L’anse « , « Amis de mer  » or even  » Le manège aquatique  » and let yourself be transported along the coast, lulled by a breeze going to get lost who knows where…

These two exceptionally talented musicians, immensely creative, unique, and independent, in perfect harmony, have this uncanny ability to intoxicate us with the aromas of grasses and bushes, dry seaweed and wet sand, water holes in the rock, of mossy foam so identifiable to everyone who likes to walk along the coast.

An ode to marine nature and its lovers.

Composed and performed by Dominique Brunier and Simeon Lenoir.

Except  » Amis de mer  » by Simeon Lenoir, arrangements Brunier/ Lenoir

Recorded at l’hôtel de l’Univers Saint-Malo France

Sound recording, editing and mastering – Jo Zef
Photo – Solène Lavenan
Production Do Cobalt music All rights reserved SACEM France

Many thanks to Johann Bazin and the staff of the establishment.

This disc pays homage to the memory of Jean-Yves Delaune, founder, and president of the association « Entre Terre et Mer ».


Available on many platforms as well as on Simeonlenoir.com

Production Do Cobalt music

All rights reserved SACEM

TERRE MER FB: https://www.facebook.com/TERRE-MER-265910823830224


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