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CINEMA is a musical project created to provide songs and music for the world of movies, videos, exhibitions, and all artistic events.
The specific sensitivity of these magnetic productions is to stick to the mystery of pictures and images.
Composed, written, and produced by the international duo Gilbert Gabriel and Simeon Lenoir, CINEMA experiments in many elements to combine visuals, music, and poetry.
Two of the songs are musical settings of the poems  » Rosa fachée and Clair de lune  »  by Victor Hugo.
The music flow ranges from a melodic/instrumental atmosphere to pop.
Created and produced in Krakow Poland, in the mythical Jewish quarter, Kazimierz, and featuring Basia Goodwin on vocals, Sleep is one of them.
Sung in both the beautiful Polish and French languages gives an international flavor to this song.
CINEMA takes the listener to the romantic bleakness of winter, warmed by the light of candles.

You can now jump into the magnetic universe of CINEMA.


Written, composed, performed, and produced by Gilbert Gabriel & Simeon Lenoir, featuring Basia Goodwin on vocals and Kukush /violin.

CINEMA was recorded over a period of 10 years in Krakow, Poland, and Totnes, UK. Two songs are musical settings of two poems “ Rosa fachée ” and “ Clair de lune ” by Victor Hugo. All songs are written in French except  » Sleep  » who has a Polish verse.

Gilbert Gabriel is a successful British artist, a member of ” The dream academy ” that Simeon Lenoir met in Krakow in 2006.

They both used to live in the city for a while and apart from their personal career, began to collaborate regularly.

Model: Mina – Photo: Alar Ojastu.

Released on March 16, 2020

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LYRICS Rosa fachée by Victor Hugo


Une querelle pourquoi? Mon Dieu, parcequ’on s’adore

A peine s’est on dit too Que vous se hâte d’éclore

Le coeur tire sur son noeud L’azur fuit; l’âme est diverse

L’amour est un ciel, qui pleut Sur les amoureux à verse


De même quand sans effroi Dans la forêt que juin dore

On a rôder, sur la foi Des promesses de l’aurore

On peut être pris le sour Car le beau temps souvent triche

Par un gros nuage noir qui n’était pas sur l’affiche




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