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Palace of Arts – Full album


New Mastering

  1. 5 in Breizh
  2. Atlas – Friends
  3. Atlas – The kings
  4. Atlas – The pear
  5. Atlas – The temple
  6. Cumbia de Adri
  7. Variations Polonaises
  8. Variations libres
  9. Variations Aachen
  10. Variations bella
  11. Magnifica Galicja




 » Palace of arts «  is the first solo album on pianoforte by Simeon Lenoir.

Recorded in Krakow’s palace of arts, Poland, during Roman Polanski’s retrospective on a Feurich concert grand piano in the dedicated room to the multi-awarded movie   » The pianist « .

This recording includes 5 samples of  » Atlas « , the first Lenoir’s opera and several pieces were written especially for this album.

Simeon Lenoir – piano forte

Recording by Jo Zef

Photo by Stéphane Ninin

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