Back to the Jungle – World Trans System – Full Album


Back to the Jungle

  1. Life
  2. Bifini Bofono
  3. Let’s Make Love
  4. Three am on the South Pole
  5. In Infinito
  6. World Trans System Song
  7. Why You Love
  8. Happy Bday
  9. Alone with Ourselves
  10. Hola Dracula
  11. Let’s Go Back
  12. Regata de Lena




Back to the Jungle is the third album of the international band « World Trans System ».

Featuring the original lineup Simeon Lenoir, Kris Bodzon, Casey Crosby, and guest.

Back to the Jungle is a garage album including lots of different recordings (Studio & Live) over three years when the band was performing constantly.

Simeon Lenoir – Vocal, Guitar, Percussion, Kris Bodzon – Bass, Backing Vocal, Casey Jason Crosby – Keyboards, Simon Burgaud – Saxophon, Domino – Percussion.

The website version is a concentrated product of the original printed CD which was a triple album that became now a collector.

Recording – Dobry Kumpel – Poland, The Purple Turtle – UK, Kfé Quoi – France

Mix & Mastering – Jo Zef

Produced by  Do Cobalt music

SL13 All rights reserved  SACEM





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