World Trans System – Full Album


New Mastering

  1. Zap Zap
  2. Belly dancing
  3. Chip Chip
  4. Cyprian
  5. Hit
  6. In extremis
  7. L’amour
  8. La coca
  9. Ocean ballad
  10. Pura vida
  11. Red sun
  12. Répercussions
  13. The center of the world
  14. Zoulou you



World Trans System is the first album of an international lineup, featuring Casey Crosby USA on keyboards, Kris Bodzon PL/USA on double bass, and Simeon Lenoir France on vocal, guitar, and kick drum.

All songs are composed and written by Simeon Lenoir. English, French, Spanish, Dialect.

Featuring Piotr Grząślewicz on guitar, recorded in Krakow Poland by Liam MacMhurry.

Mixed by Jo Zeff

2007 Do Cobalt music


Do Cobalt music


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